Recipe ideas with extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil caviar


The natural juice of the Mediterranean olive, source of health and universal food.

Chocolate cake, almonds and extra virgin olive oil Arbequina.

Here is a gourmet recipe that we tested. An easy recipe with sweet notes. it is a delicious dessert based on extra virgin olive oil. A chocolate cake with almonds and Oleoalmanzora premium extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is known for its many health benefits including anti-cholesterol and anti-aging. So make yourself happy while eating balanced.


- 200 gr of flour.
- 4 eggs.
- 150 gr of chocolate fondant.
- 180 gr of extra virgin olive oil Arbequina "Gourmet" Oleoalmanzora.
- 16 grams of yeast.
- 300 gr of sugar.
- 120 gr toasted almonds.


1º) We cut the chocolate and put it in a bain-marie, add the extra virgin olive oil Arbequina "Gourmet" Oleoalmanzora and stir.

2nd) We chop the almonds.

3rd) We add the sugar and the eggs, mix well in the blender.

4 °) One adds the flour and the yeast and one continues mixing, adding little by little the minced almonds.

5º) Spread the mold with butter and sprinkle with flour.

6º) Preheat the oven to 180º C and cook for 40 minutes or until a toothpick is inserted and get clean from the center of the cake.

7º) Remove from oven and leave at room temperature. Leave to cool in a rack and unmould, sprinkle with powdered sugar.

8º) Add a little extra virgin olive oil raw on the Genoese cake to improve the flavor of the cake. "You will be surprised".


Two products that combine very well, it's an incomparable pleasure, a perfect duo, which is introduced into the mouth with great gentleness, as if they were inseparable products. You are looking for the aromatic note with fleur de sel. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants, it is energetic and produces a feeling of well-being that, when supplemented with PEARLS Oleoalmanzora, gives us health and vitality, preserving all the nuances of flavors, without appreciating the pollution taste.

INGREDIENTS (1 serving)

120 g of milk
50 g of cream 35% fat
70 g dark chocolate 75% cocoa
5 g of extra virgin olive oil Arbequina Oleoalmanzora
30 g of sugar
20 g chopped almonds
2 g of fleur de sel
Peppermint leaves
1 g Oleoalmanzora pearls

Boil the milk, sugar and cream.

Chop the chocolate and add to the already boiled mixture; move until the mixture is homogeneous. Add extra virgin olive oil. Move Pour into bowl and sprinkle with toasted and chopped almonds. Store in the refrigerator

To serve the dark chocolate candy, sprinkle with fleur de sel and minced almonds and accompany with PEARLS Oleoalmanzora. Decorate with mint


Perfect to surprise in a dinner with shiny PEARLS that bring shine to the dish with a fresh raw fish of high quality, rich in Omega 3. And rice a staple easily digestible. In addition to seaweed accompanied by vegetables, everything is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. The texture, the essence of the oil PEARLS allows these foods to make an unforgettable bite, a touch of sensitivity to taste. It becomes an everyday dream.

INGREDIENTS: (1 serving)

70 g short grain rice
250 g of water
1 sheet of nori seaweed
Sliced ​​mango brunoise
Brunoise cut of papaya
Ventresca of bluefin tuna, fresh, raw
Fresh salmon loin, raw
Slice of Iberian ham
Pasta with wasabi
10 g of rice vinegar
25 g of soy sauce
4 g of salt
8 g of sugar
1 g marinated ginger
1 g Oleoalmanzora pearls

Prepare the rice until the starch is removed. Pass and let rest. Mix vinegar with sugar and salt until dissolved. Let cool and mix with the rice. Cook the rice for 13 minutes. Remove the rice and spread it in a special spread and let stand. Use 10 ml of vinegar for sushi.

We cut the raw fish into tacos at a proper size for an appetizer. Mango and papaya cut into brunoise Wrap a piece of sushi with a plastic wrap and spread the rice in a thin layer. Moisten the nori seaweed leaf and divide it into three parts. Spread the rice. Place the foil on the rice with the shiny side down and insert the ingredients that we indicated earlier in the presentation. for each leaf, keeping in mind that we are going to place the fish in horizontal bands. Roll by pressing the carpet on the Sushi and creating a cylinder with the outside covered with rice.



We present on the board:

- Inverted Mango maki, with fresh bluefin tuna and surimi.

- Maki papaya invested, with fresh salmon and surimi

- Iberian sushi

PERLES Oleoalmanzora, are here to give the final touch to this presentation.

Have a bowl with soy sauce and separately a small container of pasta wasabi.

Eat preferably with chopsticks, when we pass fish or product, it is nice to have a small bowl of marinated ginger.


Oleoalmanzora selects the shapes and presentation of seasonal products, making a colorful salad, presenting a variety of colors in geometric figures, so that the harmony and contrast of colors and shapes as well as the flavors bring some success; with very Mediterranean diet products, such as fruits all provide a large amount of nutrients and natural substances while having an unforgettable flavor infused with aromatic herbs with PEARLS Oleoalmanzora, we achieve a great balance of taste nuances and presentation haute cuisine assured.

INGREDIENTS (2 servings)

50 g of golden apple
50 g watermelon
50 g of papaya
50 g of mango
½ pear
1 slice of pineapple
2 strawberries
2 orange segments
10 g of blueberries
20 g of cherries
1 branch of fresh mint
Peppermint syrup (4 leaves)
100 g of orange juice
½ orange gradation
Stacked ice
2 g of Oleoalmanzora PEARLS

Cut each piece of fruit into geometric figures and reserve in the refrigerator.

Make the mint syrup: Blanch the mint leaves in 100 cc of boiling water. With a sieve filter. Add 75 g sugar to the brew and bring to a boil, remove from heat and let cool. Chop peppermint with sugar syrup and filter. Reserve in the refrigerator. In a bowl, pour the peppermint syrup, marinate all the fruits except the pineapple. Cranberries and cherries reserve in the fridge. Remove the membrane from the orange segments, remaining bare.


Oleoalmanzora presented it this way:

In a fountain place on a crushed ice base, fruits cut into geometric figures in a random manner that were macerated with mint syrup. Add cranberries and cherries. In the center, place the slice of pineapple, in the hollow of the pineapple drop a fruit and the sprig of mint. Arrange the Oleoalmanzora pearls above randomly.

Another possibility is to season with orange juice center, add PEARLS; and with the zest of orange we go along the fountain; we leave it to your creativity and your taste.


Lovers of the kitchen try to take care of the image of their presentations, with special touches, with glamorous touches; using high-quality, high-iodine, low-fat vitamin-rich shrimp; Oleoalmanzora pearls of raw oil accompany this mousse giving an explosive note of flavor and a great essence to the dish.

INGREDIENTS (1 serving)

50 g cream cheese
50 g of thyme honey
¼ red shrimp
2 fresh red shrimps
100 ml whipping cream
1 sheet of neutral gelatin
2 chives
1 g Oleoalmanzora pearls

In the blender introduce all the ingredients until they are creamy, except for the chives, the two shrimps and the spoons of oil. Grill both shrimp.


In a dish, place the mousse making a small volcano and garnish with the chive tips. In this small volcano, drop the Oleoalmanzora PEARLS. Place the two shrimp on the plate soaked in their juice.


The Mediterranean diet is associated with climate, geography, customs and lifestyles; a key reference to take advantage of this recipe that we present to you. Iberian ham is a product which, combined with the purity of PEARLS Oleoalmanzora, has a high vitamin E content.

The Iberian ham is one of the kings of deli products bathed in PEARLS Oleoalmanzora, the jewel that makes the senses vibrate both visually and taste. An exquisite pleasure that intoxicates our taste buds and our sense of taste.

INGREDIENTS: (1 serving)

6 or more slices of Iberian ham reduced in size
1 toast
1 cherry tomato
2 chives
½ tomato in its juice

Toast the bread and pour the tomato juice.


In a plate, put the toast with the tomato juice and place the Iberian ham sliced ​​on top. Pour the PEARLS and decorate with chives.


With this mix of products, Oleoalmanzora aims to delight and give the palate of small pleasures. The products Oleoalmanzora, accompany very well this drink; give an exclusive touch to the gin and tonic granite, is like a perfection of enveloping flavor. The brightness and brilliance of PEARLS are reflected in every way, bringing a touch of distinction, all in elegance in its presentation.


250 ml of tonic
1 glass of gin
½ lemon
5 g brown sugar
10 g of orange liquid honey
20 g brown sugar (cup stew)
5 g of extra virgin olive oil Arbequina Oleoalmanzora (cup reboce)
Peppermint leaves
1 g Oleoalmanzora pearls
50 g of shoemaker or slush


In a mixing glass, mix the tonic with the gin, keep in the freezer for 4 to 5 hours. Remove from the freezer and mix vigorously with a shakert, Finish by beating, gently, so that the mixture starts to rest.



In a cocktail glass, soak the edge of the glass with Arbequina extra virgin olive oil and cover the edge of the glass with brown sugar. Put the granulated mixture into the glass, squeeze the lemon, add the honey and sugar, introduce slices of lemon peel from the inside of the granita. Add crushed ice. Decorate with mint. Finally, place PEARLS Oleoalmanzora. Serve with a straw.


Oleoalmanzora wishes that with this simple recipe, add the rightness and the flavor to this creation. To offer diners an explosive pleasure to share the presentation, flavors, smells and texture. Cod is a low-fat white fish. Its meat is rich in proteins of high biological value. Accompanied by a luxury product; a high-end raw oil, PEARLS Oleoalmanzora, that burst in the mouth in its purity; a product with a unique feel. Be certain of the existence of a quality and an important personality.

INGREDIENTS (1 serving)

2 slices of smoked cod
1 slice of toasted woodbread
3 slices of tomato raf
Dill leaves
Basil Leaf
2 g of germs
5 g of extra virgin olive oil Arbequina Oleoalmanzora
1 g Oleoalmanzora pearls

Toast the bread, spread the base with a few drops of EVOO



In a dish, put the slice of bread and put in the wood oven, garnish with tomatoes, place the smoked cod slices and season with the chopped dill. Add basil leaves and sprouts. Last touch with PEARLS Oleoalmanzora, the essential product in a culinary presentation.


With this blend of aromas, Oleoalmanzora manages to give a more sophisticated and fragrant touch, enveloping the scents of PEARLS, a pure oil that has the property of staying on the surface of aqueous liquids because of its density. The PEARLS give a different and innovative body, they provide a pleasant texture and the combination of both brings a more lasting flavor to the palate. With different textures, preserving the original taste of each product.

INGREDIENTS: (1 cocktail)

20 cl of tonic
7 cl of gin
Orange peel
Slice of lemon
3 or 4 ice cubes
1 cherry
Infused hibiscus flowers
1 g Oleoalmanzora pearls

To make a gin that is toning and perfect: use 1 part of gin, with 2 and a half doses of toner.
Infuse 3 dried hibiscus flowers with gin for two minutes.
Cool the cocktail glass with ice and remove the excess water released by the ice.



Introduce into this cold glass: the infusion of flowers, gin, tonic, ice cubes; the orange peel, passed on the edge of the glass by pressing its essence. Present the cherry. Finish the presentation with PEARLS Oleoalmanzora on the surface of the liquid.


The products presented are healthy and nutritious as well as the extra virgin olive oil PERLES Arbequine and Oleoalmanzora, they bring us vitamin E and provide an excellent level of fatty acid good for the heart while brightening the dish. Rich in trace elements, fibers and antioxidant substances A combination where several products are associated so that everyone keeps his identity and for that we decided to use PERLES Oleoalmanzora.

INGREDIENTS (1 serving)

2 ripe tomatoes
½ slice of bread soaked
20 g of Arboquina EVOO Oleoalmanzora
5 g of salt
1 leaf of garlic
2 g of vinegar
¼ chopped egg
25 g cubed Iberian ham
Peppermint leaves
4 squares of toast
15 g tomato, cucumber, onion, green pepper
1 g of pearls Oleoalmanzora

Peel the tomato, put it in the blender with the clove of garlic, the oil, the vinegar, the salt, the slice of bread; beat until emulsion.


Place the bowl of gazpacho on a flat dish and put in the same dish the chopped egg and arrange so that in each dish we introduce; ham, squares of toast and cut into brunoise of vegetables. Decorate with mint and add PEARLS on the gazpacho.


The apple is a very healthy fruit that provides important benefits and great nutritional value.

Wrapped in Oleoalmanzora pearls "crude oil" is a mouthful of great delicacy; contributing to the incomparable taste of this product that is the oil of Oleoalmanzora, the great delicacy of taste, the fragile texture and the appetizing flavor.

INGREDIENTS (1 serving)

1 Granny Smith apple
4 g of honey
1 glass of brandy
The juice of half a lemon
20 g whole sugar
25 g raisins
5 g cinnamon
1 g Oleoalmanzora pearls
2 mint leaves
Cooking sauce

Place the apple in a baking dish, remove the seeds and make a hole in the center of the dish. Put all the ingredients in this hole except the oil beads. Place in the oven at 180º C for 30 minutes. Let cool.

Place the cold apple on a dessert plate by adding the mint leaves, accompanied by Oleoalmanzora Pearls. Decorate the dish with your own sauce.


The egg with grated truffle is an exquisite dish, an excellent protein food, even more accompanied by PEARLS, bringing an exquisite flavor that makes it an authentic delight. A dish that produces a great pleasure.

INGREDIENTS: (1 serving)

1 egg
2 g grated black truffle
2 g of truffle oil
1 g of sea salt
Circular bread base
6 g extra virgin olive oil arbequina emulsified
1 g Oleoalmanzora pearls
20 g of vegetable and fresh vegetable ratatouille (green pepper, tomato, eggplant, onion)
3 edible flowers.

Take a bowl, divide the inside of the truffle oil, put on a transparent film and break the egg on top of the film, add salt and grated truffle. Close the 4 corners of the film and fasten with thread. Introduce it in boiling water for 3 minutes. Remove the fire and remove the wire and its packaging.

Place the loaf in a circle with emulsified oil. Above the truffled egg accompanied by Oleoalmanzora PEARLS. To finish the presentation we accompany a delicious ratatouille on a plate, decorated with edible flowers.




     200 g medium grain rice or arborio rice
     Vegetables: 100 g of mushrooms, a piece of leek, ½ zucchini, ½ red pepper and ½ onion
     1 liter of vegetable broth
     1 tablespoon of butter
     4 tablespoons grated parmesan
     3 tablespoons of white wine
      25 ml of Arbequina extra virgin olive oil
     3 tablespoons EVOO black truffle seasoning
     parsley leaves


Chop the vegetables. In a pan with oil add the onion, fry and add the rest of the vegetables and the butter, give it a few turns.

We add the rice and stir. Add the wine, a little hot broth, salt and pepper. We stir, add the parmesan and continue adding broth until the rice is creamy and al dente and in 20 minutes we will have our risotto. Add a little EVOO truffle seasoning. Remove from heat and set aside.