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Gold Guide

Gold end (or 24K Gold, or Gold 1000 / 1000th)

Gold fine or pure gold, does not oxidize or water or the air. It is the preferred metal jewelry that you will long and often. But gold is also malleable and ductile: with only 1 gram of gold, one could achieve 3.5 km of thread! This property prevents the use of gold to create jewelry late because they would not be quite rigid and deform easily. To make the gold harder, we add other metals and thus obtained 750 Gold, 585 Gold or Gold 375.

The 750 (or 18K gold or gold 750 / 1000th)

Gold 750 'Gold of the French tradition, "the only recognized and authorized until 1994. It consists of 75% Pure gold and 25% silver and copper. The proportions of these so-called metal "alloy", the color can be varied for the GOLD! With still 75% Pure gold, white gold has more silver, and copper rose more Or.

Gold 585 (or 14K Gold, or Gold 585 / 1000th)

585 Gold Gold is traditionally used in Germany. But as strong as 750 and a similar brightness, it is composed of 58.5% gold end and to 41.5% alloy, mainly of silver and copper. The German manufacturing alliances models in our collection are Gold 585.

Gold 375 (or 9 carats Gold, or Gold 375 / 1000th)

375 Gold Gold is the history of England. It is composed of 37.5% Golden purpose or by-half compared to the 750. Now That makes it lighter but just as strong, and of course more competitive. It has the same characteristics as the indestructibility of gold and 750 may also be welded easily melted and worked by jewelers.